1. The first project is to start a children’s feeding center near our church where we can give follow-up care to the children we feed. We want to offer them school tutoring as well as biblical instruction for their lives. We have plenty of hands to make the work light because our church is filled with the Spirit of God and many willing volunteers.

2. The second project is to turn the farm into a fully self-sustaining animal ranch with vegetable production. AND the coolest part is that we have been having gatherings with young people up at the farm… bonfires and soccer games… Also, we have a ping-pong table and a pool table and a foosball table. We have the cornhole competition and a soccer field. We have weights and a punching bag. We have dorm rooms and space for tons of people. It is the perfect set-up for a retreat center and a recreation center for young people. We have had such a focus on the young people as of late. We really feel passionately about investing in the next generation.

Get on board with us! It is a “God-Adventure”!!