June 29, 2013

Men’s Recovery Center

We are a Christian center located in San Pedro de Coronado, working with young men from the street who have been addicted to drugs or alcohol. Our main purpose is to teach the men about the Bible and how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is a six month program wherein the men learn how to teach the Bible to others and how to control their addictions through Jesus Christ. We also work at reuniting them with families and loved ones, to hopefully start a lasting and loving relationship with them once they leave the Center.

We are a non-profit organization because the men have been living on the streets and do not have the resources to pay. We provide food, shelter, clothing, basic necessities, and counseling without charge.

The Center

Through the blessings of supporters, we provided the material and helped the men build a new building, which has 6 bedrooms which can house up to 24 men. (Before they lived in a 24×24 old barn.) Please pray for the funds to have their medical needs cared for as needed also steady support for food and rent, and for a person to teach them English, and that God will rise up missionaries from these men to go out and help others on the streets.