June 29, 2013

Los Guido

Los Guido, Costa Rica, has a population of approximately 38,000 people, 85% of whom are Nicaraguan refugees whose parents fled to Costa Rica during the Sandinista civil war.  Most live in dirt poverty as they are here illegally and, because of that, have a hard time with steady employment.

The Costa Rican government does allow them to go to the public schools as long as they can pay for their own uniforms, supplies and books. In general, there is no welfare system here to help them with food or medical.  The Costa Rican government does, however, supply emergency medical treatment when necessary.

The Nicaraguans are a wonderful, loving people who want to advance in education and job opportunities. However, because of the poverty it is hard for them to get past grade school.  God opened up my mission here in 2003 by working with other missionaries teaching Bible studies to the children in Sector 5 in Los Guido, better known as the Hueco (hole).   There are approximately 30 families and approximately 200 people who live there.

Since then I have been able to build bridges over the “river of death” and over three hundred stairs so people can go into and up out of the Hueco valley as they go to work, school, and stores. Because of heavy rains 7 months out of the year, before I installed the stairs, many people would slip and slide down the hills and were hurt.

God has used my mission – God in Action – to bring the gospel to the people of Los Guido through construction projects, repair projects, medical assistance, and school materials for 50-60 children every year for the past 3 years. Over the past five years over 20 families have come to the Lord, with 60-80  people being baptized and accepting Jesus Christ into their lives. The blessings are too numerous to express how God has provided for these people over the years in areas of spiritual, medical, food and educational needs.  I have a personal relationship with 20 of the families, which includes about 100 children who live in the Hueco. I continue, and will continue, to help these people as long as I am on mission in CR , for we are spiritually bound together as brothers and sisters in Christ.