June 29, 2013

Children’s Ministry

One mission area is Los Guizaros, where we feed the children lunch six days a week and have a Bible Study every Saturday with the children. Every day these children pray and give thanksgiving for this food, knowing it’s a blessing from Jesus.

Cecilia (she’s raised her family here for 20 years) started this ministry over 4 years ago with nothing more than a heart to help the children in her neighborhood whom she knew didn’t have enough food on a daily basis in their homes. She was only able to feed them 3 days a week due to lack of funds for the first 2 years, but she was consistent. I started helping her about 2 and œ years ago by building benches for the children to sit on while they ate, (before they had been sitting on the cement floor) and with more rice. With the help of other missionaries, we now feed the children lunch 6 days a week, (30 to 100 children a day depending on their school schedule). It is always close to the wire, funding wise, but God gets us though it every month.